San Dieguito 4-H Club

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About California 4-H

The 4-H program began around the start of the 20th century with the work of several people throughout the United States who were concerned about the positive growth of young people.

As early as 1912, the University of California had encouraged the formation of boys' and girls' agricultural clubs in rural areas and collaborated with school districts to organize them.  In 1913, the forerunner of 4-H was founded - an agricultural club at the college of agriculture in Davis. By 1914, eighty-four high school agricultural clubs were reported in California.  The goal of these clubs was not only to train youth in agricultural skills, but to influence the practices of adult farmers and homemakers through their ongoing projects.  University Extension staff outlined project work and ultimately concentrated the twenty-four original projects into six. 

About San Dieguito 4-H

The San Dieguito 4-H originally started in 1948 by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Conely and Mr. Willard Barnes. By this time the 4-H movement in the United States was nearly 50 years old. At 64 years old, we are one of the oldest 4-H clubs in San Diego County. 

2013 - 2014 Officer Board

President - Olivia
Vice President - Courtney
Secretary - Sophia
Treasurer - Todd
Merchandiser - Patrick
Librarian - Morgan
Phone Chair - Rotating
Sergeant at Arms - Skylar, & Mateo

Our 2013 - 2014 Projects

  • Camping
  • Cooking
  • Community Service
  • Presentation
  • Fun Zone
  • Horse & Pony
  • Livestock (Lamb& Swine)
  • Record Keeping
  • Shooting Sports (Archery)

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