San Dieguito 4-H Club

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Presidential Duties

General Duties
• Lead the team of club officers in identifying annual goals, activities, and events.
• Meet with club officers and the officer advisor prior to each club meeting to plan the agenda.
• Chair the club business meeting.
• Ensure that officers have reports and activities prepared for the club meeting.
• Ask the vice president for programs to chair the meeting, when unable to attend.
• Communicate with officers and the officer advisors regularly.
• Appoint members to participate on club program and activity committees.
• Ask for volunteer leaders to advise and coach committees.
• Become familiar with parliamentary procedures and consensus methods of making decisions.

At Club Meetings
• Begin and end the meeting on time.
• Follow the planned agenda.
• Appoint an alternate recording secretary if the elected one is absent.
• Guide the meeting.
• Appoint committees as needed, encouraging participation so that each member can serve on a committee at least once during the year.
• Have members approve, by budget approval or specific request, all funds spent by the treasurer.
• Decide parliamentary points of order fairly and cast the deciding vote to resolve tie votes.

End of Year
• Appoint a committee of members and leaders to audit the treasurer’s records. This review process ensures clear, accurate, and complete financial records.
• See that the club officers give their completed books or year-end reports to the club advisor by the due date set by the club.
• Remember to thank club officers and the advisor

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