San Dieguito 4-H Club

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Secretary Duties

General Duties
• Take minutes of each meeting.
• Set-up and maintain a secretary’s binder
for the program year. Include sections for: annual goals and annual program plans; the club roster and attendance; meeting minutes; committee reports; and correspondence.
• When called upon by the president, read aloud to the club members any correspondence received by the club.
• Report on any letters you have written on behalf of the club since the last meeting.
• During the meeting, make notes of any correspondence that club members decide they want you to write.
• Send thank-you notes to guest speakers and to people who make donations to the club.
• File all correspondence in the secretary’s binder.
• Take roll at each club meeting and keep a record of attendance. This may be done by calling each name, by distributing a sign-in sheet, or by taking attendance as members arrive.

At Club Meetings
• Sit next to the president at the front of the room.
• Record minutes of all meetings.
• Record all motions and the names of the people who make and second those motions. At the request of the president, read the motion aloud to the group as stated. Record changes to a motion. Enter the final motion and membership vote in the minutes.
• Record the names of officers elected, committees appointed, and other business conducted during the meeting. Make note of the meeting’s guest speakers and any demonstrations, entertainment, or activities that took place during the meeting.
• If you must miss a meeting, make sure that the secretary’s binder gets to the meeting. Someone appointed by the president will take the minutes.

End of Year
• Give the community club leader a completed secretary’s binder with minutes from all club meetings.

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