San Dieguito 4-H Club

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Treasurer Duties

General Duties
• Meet with club officers and officer advisors to develop a club budget for the year.
• Account fully for all money that is received and/or spent.
• Promptly pay all bills authorized for payment by the club budget or by club members.
• Maintain financial records including copies of all invoices, bills, and cash receipts relating to the funds and property of the club.
• Balance (“reconcile”) the club ledger reports with monthly bank statements.
• Maintain an inventory of club property and equipment.

At Club Meetings
• Report on all bills paid and all money received since the last meeting.
• State the present club balance.
• Ask if there are any bills to be presented by members to the treasurer for payment.
• Ask the club to take action on all bills requiring a motion to pay.

End of Year
• Complete the Annual Financial Report .
• Update the Annual Inventory Report .
• Give all financial records and treasurer’s reports to the club’s audit committee for a year-end internal Audit Report.
• In cooperation with the community club
leader, furnish copies of all year- end reports to the club, the county council, and the local Cooperative Extension office .

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