San Dieguito 4-H Club

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Vice President

Vice Presidential Duties

General Duties
• Work with the team of club officers to identify annual goals, activities, and events for a program calendar.
• Arrange club meeting programs.
• Chair the program portion of club meetings.
• Distribute the annual program to all club members and their families.
• Learn the duties of the president and preside when the president is absent.

• Lead the membership committee in development of annual plans for recruiting new members and leaders.

During Club Year
• Plan recruitment displays and public presentations by members.

• Personally invite potential members to attend your club meetings and join the club.
• Greet and host guests who attend your club meetings.
• Introduce guests to club members during the meeting, when called upon by the president.

• Answer questions about 4-H and your club.

For Club Meetings
• Work with a program committee to plan the program for each club meeting.
• Fill out the program section of the Club Meeting Planner form.
• Contact program presenters or speakers immediately after plans for a program have been made.
• Confirm in writing with the speaker the date, time, and place of the meeting, along with your name and phone number.
• Arrange to make available any audiovisual equipment that the speaker might need for the presentation.

At Club Meetings
• Greet speakers at the door, and introduce them to other club officers and leaders before the meeting.
• Before the presentation, introduce the speaker to the assembled club members. State the title of the presentation and provide some background information about the speaker.
• At the end of a presentation, thank the speaker, and point out to the audience one or two interesting points from the speech.
• Ask the correspondence secretary to write a thank-you note to the speaker.

End of Year
• Evaluate the effectiveness of club programs.
• Suggest programs for next year.

Resources for Vice President

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